What are the practical printing Basics

Machine type: refers to full power on, double power on, four power on, six power on, eight power on. Also refers to the size of the printing machine.

Machine brand: common printing machine brands: Heidelberg, Manroland, Xiaosen, Mitsubishi, beiren, Yingkou machine, Shanghai printing machine.

Machine printing color: refers to the printing function to print several colors: monochrome machine, two-color machine, four-color machine, five color machine, six color machine, eight color machine.

Paper type: common paper types: double copper paper, double offset paper, writing paper, white card paper, white board paper, carbonless paper, kraft paper

Paper brand: common paper brands: Jindong brand, Dongfan brand, Sun brand, Asia Pacific brand, Changhe brand, Chenwu brand, Shengli brand

Paper thickness: common paper thickness: 60g, 70g, 80g, 100g, 105g, 120g, 128G, 157G, 200g, 230g, 250g, 300g, 350g (it's the weight per square meter, and it's also the thickness).

1、 Picture books and books

1. What is special size?

That is, the size of the finished picture album. There is another size in the same finished size. For example, for the finished products of the 16th generation, there is a four generation map or eight generation form, which can change the printing method and size called special size.

2. What is the seal?

It's the cover of the picture book and book with a protective cover called the cover. To select the seal printing, please fill in the dimension of the groove in the groove column. Be sure to choose both sides to cut.

3. What is strangler?

It is the extension part of the protective cover with the cover increased by 50-80mm, which is called the bayonet. When selecting the groove printing, the groove size must be filled in the groove column. Also select both sides to cut (the cutting is not allowed for the cutting of the cutting edge).

4. What is two side cutting?

It refers to that the cover of a picture book or book with a rabbet cannot be cut on three sides. The inner text can only be cut once. After the cover is wrapped, the upper and lower sides of the cutting are called two sides cutting.

5. What is a special requirement?

It refers to the process of picture album and book cover called special requirements, such as window opening, blister, hard shell cover, leather cover, cloth, leather cover and so on.

6. What is positive and negative printing?

Common color printing is four kinds of printing colors yellow, red, blue and black, which are output by computer after color separation. Four kinds of ink are being used to print color printing products. Because a printed color product is divided into positive and negative colors, it is usually called double-sided four-color printing as 4 + 4.

7. What is binding method

A. Chinese binding: refers to the opening and viewing of books with the spine as the length edge.

B. Western binding: refers to the opening and viewing of books horizontally, with the spine as the width edge.

C、 Wireless binding: binding books and picture books without thread.

D. Wired binding: refers to the binding of books and picture books.

E. Thread binding: it is a book and picture book with high-grade materials.

F. Horse riding nail: it's a book and picture book. The finished product is unfolded and fixed in the middle. It's called horse riding nail.

2、 Calendar and desk calendar

1. Basic functions: like the picture album, there is one more bottom column and one more mounting paper for the post printing process. No P number selection is sheet number selection. Other functions are normal quotation layout. Remember, the specification of the bottom bracket is usually larger than that in the text. Please fill in the quotation and construction of special size with options.

2. Bottom tray: it is the bottom tray material paper used for the lower layer of calendar and desk calendar. Common paper, plastic, wood. Metal is used as bottom drag material.

3. Binding method: the binding method here is different from other printing binding methods: the specification is consistent with the finished product specification. It is divided into yo binding, clip binding and wood clip binding. The price is quoted in number.

3、 Color box and paper box

1. What is regular paper?

Because most color boxes are printed and processed into color boxes with more than two layers of paper. The paper on the outside of the color box is face paper.

2. What is anti face paper?

Reverse paper, also known as back paper, refers to the paper mounted on the back of the color box as reverse paper.

3. What is Zhongzhi?

There are three layers of paper in the color box. The middle layer of paper is called Zhongzhi paper. It's only for newspaper price without printing.

4. How to use fixed paper printing?

First select the web width (select the web size according to your computer size) and then fill in the length. Note: quantity refers to the quantity of finished product size filled in the basic data, which is automatically converted into fixed paper quantity.

5. What is the color box of mosaic?

The length and width of the opened color box are filled in the fixed paper column. Automatic conversion through the system, automatic generation of paper jigsaw and paper quantity is called spread jigsaw.

6. What is a paper saving color box?

There are two ways of color box mosaic, one is paper-free and the other is paper-free. The paper saving system automatically generates the paper saving schematic diagram, and the ear size is required, because the ear size is the key size of paper saving. If it is larger than (width + tongue) size, it will save as much paper size as large size. Please show it a few more times. If it is more than 1 / 2 of (width + tongue), the system will automatically convert the ear size × 2 to save paper size.

7. What is tongue?

The tongue is also called the plug = it is the size of the inserting part of the color box cover.

8. What is an ear?

Ears are also called two side covers of the color box. It is the key size to save paper. The longer the ears, the less paper is saved.

9. How to check whether the standard of jigsaw puzzle is correct?

Please carefully demonstrate the schematic diagram of paper saving plate, check the finished product size, paper saving formula: width + tongue size + knife edge size=
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