About coated paper

1. the printing suitability and design points of coated paper
Due to the good printability and physical properties of coated paper, designers can boldly use high-precision network cables to express images. Coated paper is often used for advanced samples, posters, book covers, and trademark printing of various goods (such as cans, beverage bottles, wine bottles, etc.); it is also often used for high-end candy, food, chocolate, cigarettes, soap and other supplies Packaging; it can also be used for the veneer of various advanced carton and carton. However, the coated paper with a relatively low basis weight should be selected, which generally does not exceed 105g / m2.
There are two types of coated paper: glossy coated paper and matte coated paper (also known as matte coated paper). Attention should be paid to the design: glossy coated paper is more suitable for expressing colorful and bright images; matte coated paper is suitable for samples that are noble and elegant or feel heavy because of its soft gloss.

2. Printing suitability and design points of lightweight coated paper
When using light coated paper as printing paper, you should pay attention to using bright and bright color blocks as much as possible, and you should not design large areas with low brightness. If magenta and cyan are large areas of blue, it is not appropriate to have other colors on this color block.
Due to the low basis weight, thinner paper and poor stiffness of light coated paper, it is generally inappropriate to use some methods in post-press processing. When designing, you should also pay attention to avoid printing gold, silver and pearlescent inks as much as possible.

3. Printing suitability and design points of self-adhesive paper
Self-adhesive paper consists of a surface substrate, an adhesive, and a base paper. Paper surface substrate types are divided into offset paper; coated paper; glass cardboard; foil film.
The self-adhesive paper is selected as the substrate, and its visual characteristics can be selected according to the substrate on the paper surface. Offset paper is generally used for printing text or simple color blocks and is cheap. Coated paper or glass cardboard stickers can be used for high-end color printing, especially glass cardboard stickers with mirror-like visual effects, smoothness and gloss.
For special effects, you can choose foil type stickers. This kind of self-adhesive is a thin aluminum foil laminated on a smooth paper. It has gold and silver, and there are two kinds of light: luster and luster.

Fourth, the printing suitability and design points of offset paper
Offset paper is divided into high-end and mid-range.
When designing high-grade offset paper, it can be applied to color images with rich printing levels, and the ink volume can also be relatively large.
When offset paper is used in high-end envelopes and letterheads, it is a little stronger than coated paper, that is, it feels better than coated paper when writing, and the ink is easy to dry.
Mid-range offset paper is a good choice for printing the text of books and periodicals, especially the manuals of some home appliances. Since the text is mainly text, offset paper is significantly more atmospheric than writing paper.

V. Printing Suitability and Design Points of Kraft Paper
Kraft paper is a premium packaging paper with a wide range of uses. Mostly used for packaging industrial products, such as cotton, wool, silk fabrics, woolen threads, hardware and electrical products, and instruments and meters. It can also be used to process sandpaper, archives, files, paper bags, envelopes, etc. Can also be used for cardboard noodles and hanging.
Kraft paper is divided into single-sided light, double-sided light, striped and non-striped from the appearance. Generally, kraft paper is tan, but there are also colored kraft paper and white kraft paper.
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