The rise and fall of the printing industry

A few days ago, Wenjindu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau found in the daily supervision that the product model printed on the outer packaging carton and inner packaging color box of a batch of export lamps of a certain company was not consistent with the product model on the contract. The bureau pointed out problems to enterprises, helped them rectify in a timely manner, and avoided losses of nearly one million US dollars.
Product model refers to the number used to identify the product, is one of the signs that a product is different from other products, and is an important part of the product traceability system. Product models are often composed of letters and numbers, and each letter or number represents product information such as structure, function, voltage, and appearance. Any mistake or omission of a certain letter or number may lead to misinterpretation of product information and cause a series of problems.
This may lead to a series of vicious chain reactions: First, customers attribute it to products that do not match orders, leading to product recalls and triggering international claims; second, they cause customers to doubt the company's product quality assurance capabilities, which affects follow-up The signing of orders; the third is to affect the credibility of Made in China. This error can easily cause consumers to believe that the quality of Chinese-made products is poor, affecting China's foreign trade exports.
To this end, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant enterprises: First, it is necessary to firmly establish that the company is a quality owner, strengthen product quality control, and ensure the quality of exported products; second, pay attention to product details, product packaging, etc. "Large loss" due to "small details"; third, in the process of product design, production, packaging, etc., to improve the quality awareness of operators, strengthen the control of product quality and safety; fourth, strengthen communication with inspection and quarantine departments Communication, with the help of inspection and quarantine technology platform, timely find and rectify loopholes in the production process to ensure that qualified products are produced.
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