How to reduce printing costs

1. The number of spells must be considered in combination with the specifications of the printing machine used (including Max printing format and Min printing format), the number of prints, and the price of the printed paper. Because increasing the number of spells can reduce the number of color pages printed, but it will increase the cost of film production, increase the difficulty of debugging ink color and registration before printing, and increase the loss of test printing paper. When the total number of prints is small, increasing the number of spells is often not economical.
2. If the shape of the packaging product to be printed is not rectangular, single pieces or multiple packages arranged side by side will often cause waste of paper. In this case, we should consider whether two or more products can be put together and crossed together. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the position of the carton flap on the carton to achieve a compact arrangement. In order to achieve the purpose of saving paper.
3. Rule lines are indispensable in multi-color page printing. Rule lines usually use cross lines and are placed outside the size of the finished product. When the paper format is tight, you can change the cross line to a T-shaped line and place it close to the finished product. If the paper format is very tight, or for the convenience of post-processing, the size of the paper used for printing is exactly the size of the finished product. You can also place the rule on the finished product and it will be stuck inside and folded inside Or place the rule line where it will be die cut.
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