Different effects of album cover and light cover

In the process of album printing, the intentions expressed by customers are often related to the type of film. The cover of the book printing sub-film and light film will produce different effects.
Light-coated film and sub-film, which are the main processes in the post-processing of album printing, are also called over-gloss films and over-matt films. It is a plastic film coated with an adhesive, which is then heated and pressurized together to form a paper-plastic product. It is one of the common post-printing processes for paper prints. For example, the cover printed on product manuals, the cover printed on albums, and the surface of color boxes will all use this process.
The printed film has a thin and transparent plastic film on the surface, and the surface is smooth and shiny, which not only improves the gloss and fastness of the printed product, but also extends the service life of the printed product. At the same time, the plastic film is moisture-proof and waterproof. , Anti-fouling, abrasion resistance, folding resistance, chemical resistance and other protection. The light-coated film can make printed products bright and full of three-dimensional impression. If the sub-film is used, the printed products can bring a noble and elegant feeling to consumers.
From the above, it can be seen that the printed film with a light coating looks more transparent and bright to the naked eye, making the printed product dazzling; the printed film with a sub film looks dark and matte to the naked eye, but the sub film will give a high-grade, elegant Feel, make prints full of artistic charm. Improve the quality and added value of product packaging.
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